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Our Background

Hello, we are Todd & Susan Schultz from South Lyon, Michigan. We have been making and selling our wreaths for several years now out of our home.  We absolutely love creating and sharing our beautiful  handcrafted scented spice wreaths with everyone we meet!


Our Medium

  Our unique handcrafted spice wreaths are made with the freshest and highest quality whole spices from around the world: including Star Anise from (Japan & Vietnam), Cinnamon from (Sri Lanka), Nutmeg from (Indonesia), Ginger from (India), Bay Leaves from the (Mediterranean) and Sweet Gum Pods from (Tennessee & South Carolina).

Each one of our wreaths are lovingly and individually handmade, making each one uniquely beautiful in its own way. They will not only enhance the beauty and décor in any room of your home, but they will also fill your home with a warm and wonderfully inviting fragrance for years to come.

We have precisely blended the Star Anise, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Ginger into the perfect natural aromatic blend that will bring a warm, inviting and soothing effect to any room.

Our wreaths look beautiful displayed on a door, wall, table, desk, as a center piece and even in a stand.


Our Inspiration

Our inspiration came from wanting to create something natural made of spices and herbs, that not only looks beautiful but has a wonderful natural scent that everyone will enjoy. Just like so many others, we wanted to get away from all of those chemical, potpourri, perfume based air freshers that no one really knows what is actually in them.   

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